There is a false divide between art and science; both are essential to understanding what it is to be conscious, alive. I find revelation in eloquent physical phenomena, and by this measure my work is dispassionate. Yet I am not. Art can illuminate what makes us feel intensely human. 


Having recently learned that my father worked on atomic bomb tests in the 1950s, I’m pushed to understand the science, the fear, the hubris that birthed the atomic age we live under. Nuclear weapons are both brilliant achievement of physics and a crime against humanity. The stuff of nightmares, my nightmares from a young age. 


There are tandem threads running through my recent work: awe for the moral foundation that makes us human, in tension with a Memento Mori fatalism. The stories are abstract and personal. Logical and emotional. A moment in our lived experience, captured, like a Pompeii plaster figure.


Why work with concrete? Its unique ‘science experiment’ qualities make it a compelling medium for expressing both left and right brain values. I relish the beauty and expressive potential in the rugged sculptural surface, the three-dimensional plane. The ephemeral becomes durable, abstract becomes concrete. 

> Exhibitions

> Professional background  

  • Su lives and works in her studio in West Seattle, Washington 

  • Creative Mentor, Path With Art

  • Graphic designer for many years, CummingsCompany  

  • Recipient of hundreds of awards for brand, digital, print and environmental
    graphic design

  • Representative design publications: Communication Arts, AIGA, Print, How 

  • Past president, Seattle Women in Design (now AIGA Seattle)

  • Speaker and panelist at design and investor events 


> Education

Su Cummings holds a BFA from Washington State University


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