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I usually write in the morning, make art in the afternoon, and I’m of two minds about what to call myself. 


Based in Seattle, I create mixed media “relief paintings.” There is a false divide between art and science; both are essential to understanding what it is to be human. I find revelation in eloquent physical phenomena, and by this measure my work is dispassionate. Yet I am not. Art can illuminate what makes us feel intensely human. Tandem threads run through my recent work: awe for the moral foundation that makes us human, in tension with a Memento Mori fatalism. The stories are abstract and personal. Logical and emotional. A moment in lived experience, captured, like a Pompeii plaster figure.


I often work with lightweight concrete of my own design, embedded in fabric. Its unique “science experiment” qualities make this a compelling medium for expressing both left and right brain values. I relish the beauty and expressive potential in the rugged sculptural surface, the three-dimensional plane. The ephemeral becomes durable, abstract becomes concrete. 


I have studied creative non-fiction for the last several years with Hugo House teachers. My writing credentials include years of personal essays on subjects I know best—how to grow while growing older ( and growing up Catholic in 1960s California—for sites including this one, and (my site charting fourteen months spent exploring the country). I’m currently working on Retracing Grace, a memoir. 

> Exhibitions

> Professional background  

  • Su lives wand works in her studio in West Seattle, Washington 

  • Creative Mentor, Path With Art

  • Graphic designer for many years, CummingsCompany  

  • Recipient of hundreds of awards for brand, digital, print and environmental
    graphic design

  • Representative design publications: Communication Arts, AIGA, Print, How 

  • Past president, Seattle Women in Design (now AIGA Seattle)

  • Speaker and panelist at design and investor events 


> Education

Su Cummings holds a BFA from Washington State University

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